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Taylor Odishaw-Dyck

Better Than You Dad

BTYD Founder

Offering all types of interior renovations, Better Than Your Dad (BTYD) brings a new element to the table with a modern yet unique finish.

Owned by Taylor Odishaw-Dyck, BTYD has been in business since 2018 and is proud to serve all of Calgary and surrounding areas.

With almost a decade of experience, BTYD will not disappoint and will ensure all of his clients' needs are met.

"I realized rather quickly during my early years in construction that many contractors fall short of their clients' need to feel good about where they're investing their money. After 4 years of drywalling, 2 years of mudding & taping and 1 year painting as an apprentice, I launched Better Than Your Dad to offer homeowners what I felt was a cutting-edge approach to remodelling their homes.


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